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34 colloquial expressions in English for business

In the business world, colloquial expressions are also used, therefore, in English, you have to discover which are some of the best known to be able to orient yourself well in a business environment.

What are some of the colloquial expressions in English that are mostly used for business?

  1. Ahead of the pack: be the most successful of the group.
  2. A full plate: a lot of work that needs to be done or problems.
  3. Angel investor: an investor for small businesses, freelancers, startups.
  4. Back to square one: start over by having failed something.
  5. By the book: Do things or raise them taking into account the rules, or the law.
  6. Big picture: Having a broad perspective, but missing small details that are also important.
  7. Bad egg: an unreliable and unhelpful person.
  8. Belt-tightening: cut costs.Blank check: total freedom of action.
  9. Blank check : total freedom of action.
  10. Breadwinner: a person with earnings or income as the main source of support for the people in his charge. A provider.
  11. I cannot quite get my fingers on it: it’s hard to understand.
  12. apples to oranges: make invalid comparisons for things that do not have to do.
  13. Corporate ladder: the scale of the company or business structure.
  14. Cost a pretty penny: it’s expensive for the company.
  15. Cut to the chase: explain what’s important, get to the point.
  16. Fallout: have bad results in management.
  17. Give him a big hand: provide support, help.
  18. Get something off the ground: start something from scratch.
  19. It’s a gold mine: it’s a gold mine, very valuable.
  20. Move up in the world: climb positions, succeed.
  21. No-brainer: something very obvious or easy.
  22. On the same page: agree on something.
  23. Pay top dollar: pay with the best price.
  24. Pick your brains: benefit from the intelligence or knowledge of others who are more informed about a certain topic.
  25. Pull the wool over their eyes: feel cheated.
  26. Put all one’s eggs in one basket: put all the eggs in one basket.
  27. Quick buck: easy and fast money.
  28. Rank and file: the members of the lowest level of the organization.
  29. Safe bet: something very likely to happen.
  30. Shoot something down: reject a business, idea or proposal.
  31. Test the waters: make tests, experiment.
  32. Time’s up time finished for something in particular.
  33. Cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s: take care of the little details, all the details.
  34. Warts-and-all: obviate unattractive features.

Would you like to highlight another one that you use a lot in your business or that you should not miss in this list of colloquial expressions in English for business?

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