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October 19th – Sullana

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Workshop Description:

Are you an English language teacher looking to add a spark of creativity and interaction to your classes? Join our «Innovative Strategies for English Language Teachers» workshop, designed to empower educators with exciting tools and techniques to engage and motivate their students.


1. Icebreaker: «Get to Know Your Fellow Educators» We believe in the power of collaboration and camaraderie among teachers. Start the workshop by getting to know your fellow educators in a fun and practical way. This icebreaker activity will help you build connections and share experiences.

2. «Funny Picture Dictation» One of the most effective ways to engage students is through visuals. In this activity, experience the student’s perspective as you listen to a vivid scene description and try to draw what’s being described. This exercise will help you understand the importance of clear instructions and enhance your students’ creativity and listening skills.

3. «ESL Jeopardy» Jeopardy is a versatile and engaging quiz game that can be a fantastic addition to your ESL classroom. In this segment, we’ll show you how to adapt Jeopardy for ESL learners. Create customized categories and questions to challenge your students’ language skills while making learning enjoyable.

4. «Crazy Cards Vocabulary Practice» Adding a touch of unpredictability can make vocabulary practice exciting. Using a set of «crazy cards,» you’ll simulate how your students might experience vocabulary challenges. This activity will help you brainstorm strategies to teach vocabulary creatively, covering various words and topics.

5. Improvisation Activity: «Speak & Listen» Harness the power of improvisation to enhance speaking and listening skills. Explore how to use a picture to inspire dialogue, turning a static image into a dynamic conversation. This exercise will sharpen your improvisation skills, which can be invaluable when engaging students in real-life scenarios.

Key Workshop Goals:

  • Equip English language teachers with innovative and interactive teaching strategies.

  • Improve communication and collaboration among educators.

  • Demonstrate the importance of clear instructions and adaptability in teaching.

  • Provide adaptable templates and techniques to suit various ESL classroom settings.

  • Foster a passion for creative teaching and learning.

Who Can Participate: This workshop is designed for English language teachers at all levels, from novice educators to experienced professionals. Whether you’re seeking fresh ideas, better student engagement, or more dynamic teaching methods, this workshop will benefit you.

Join us in the «Innovative Strategies for English Language Teachers» workshop and elevate your teaching game. Explore new ways to inspire your students while connecting with fellow educators who share your passion for enhancing English language education.