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Special Education and Aims of Special Education

 Special Education:-


In this Article we will discuss regarding special education. Education is a process of socialization through which the individual acquires and assimilates knowledge of all kinds. It is a process of cultural and behavioural awareness, materialized in a set of skills and values.

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When people suffer from a certain intellectual or physical disability, their needs may not be met by the traditional education system. It is at this point that the concept of special education emerges, which, as its name suggests, has differentiated (i.e., special) characteristics.


For students:

It provides the technical and human means to compensate for the handicaps suffered by students. In this way, students can complete the learning process in an environment conducive to their abilities.


It dates back to the 16th century, when the deaf had access to differentiated classes. Over time, it has become institutionalized and oriented to all kinds of different abilities. In fact, there is for gifted children, whose abilities are more advanced compared to those of other pupils of their age.

Main Aim:

The aim is to provide the necessary educational tools for those with needs different from the average. Thus, children suffering from any disability have the right to training (education) and to develop to their fullest potential, so that they can integrate more easily into adult life. The aim is therefore to help children, as far as possible, to become independent adults who are able to manage on their own thanks to the education they receive.