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Strategies for enhancing speaking skills



David, who has lived in Peru since 2001, has enjoyed a 19-year career as an English teacher. He has also worked as an Academic consultant in both Peru and Ecuador for several international book companies and distributors and has been an oral examiner for the University of Michigan exams.

During his 19 years of experience teaching, David has taught Advanced English, ESP, methodology, academic writing, and International Exam preparation for various prestigious institutions, schools, and universities. David has also been a teacher trainer, mentor, and program coordinator as well as presenting conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally.

Today, David and his wife Claudia are the Managing Directors of English For You Language Institute as well as the Headmaster of the American School, a bilingual ib school in Trujillo. David has also written more than 100 internationally published articles relating to English and teaching methodology. In addition, David is the Editor of English Teachers World: English Interactive and The English Teachers Voice, social media sites and blogs dedicated to sharing grammar, vocabulary, music, methodology, and articles with English teachers all around the world. Presently, David is writing a series of bilingual children’s books as well as a book about classroom games and challenges.


Speaking Club

Speaking Club

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