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Moving From Paper-Based to Digital ELT Materials (NETA PERUTEC WORKSHOP)


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Workshop 1 : Moving From Paper-Based to Digital ELT Materials

Technology has taken us beyond the classroom and we are undoubtedly facing the challenge of designing materials that keep enhancing learning as well as improving our student’s language proficiency. In fact, this workshop is aimed at providing participants with a great variety of digital materials that the presenter has been adapting from the paper-based materials he used in his in-person classes and that now are connected with the current digital learning environment. Participants will have access to all the resources and templates so that they can adapt and implement those materials in their very own contexts.

Bio: Mauricio Arango

Mauricio Arango holds a Master’s in English Didactics from Universidad de Caldas in Manizales, Colombia. His teaching experience includes language centers, social-academic projects, colleges, and teacher training for national and local bilingualism projects. His main interest is the design and implementation of ELT materials for both in-person and online classes aimed to enhance student engagement and foster intercultural competence at the same time



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