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Tips for choosing the best English academy

If you have decided to go to an English academy but you still do not know which one is best for you, we will help you with these tips that will allow you to choose the best English academy in your area.

15 characteristics of the best English Academy

  1. Qualified English teachers, better if they are native like The Green Monkey.
  2. A good career, taking into account your experience, open years if you have recognition, good opinions and everything you consider necessary.
  3. An adequate methodology, with which you feel comfortable learning the language. Find out what methodology they use and think if it is the one that suits you best or better. Do you already know Real Learning?
  4. The type of courses they give at the center to find out if they adapt to you.
  5. The duration of the classes, being desirable between 90 and 120 minutes, but always more than one hour.
  6. Involvement with students, a good academy will care about its students and want them to learn all taking into account their conditions, capabilities and limitations.
  7. The number of students per course, if they are few, maybe for something, but if there are many, it would affect the quality of the course. The best is an average of 6 to 12 students per English class.
  8. The transparency, communication, and attention of both students and relatives.
  9. They prepare to obtain official certificates of institutions that are internationally recognized.
  10. That has complementary material, resources and much more for students.
  11. The facilities that the academy has, that provide comfort and convenience to students.
  12. The location you are in, if it is near or far from your home, or if there are online classes.
  13. The confidence, the feeling. The first impression given by the academy can be key when choosing it over others, if it is bad, trust your intuition and if it is good, consider it among your favorites.
  14. The schedules of the English academy, especially if you need the classes to adapt to your schedule.
  15. The price of the classes, always taking into account everything else without letting you take only the price.

In The Green Monkey you will find the English academy you were looking for, with native teachers, more than 20 years of experience, a wide variety of English courses for all ages (and other languages), a maximum of 7 students per class and with more than 30 schools between Madrid and Barcelona. Find the school that is closest to you.