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How do I register my child in a school year in Ireland?

This is how registration works to study a school year in Ireland

If you are reading this article it is because, most likely, you want your child to study a school year in Ireland. Once this decision is made, what are the next steps? The first thing is to decide which agency is the most appropriate to manage and carry out the development of the program. There are companies, such as Aston Herencia, specialized in education abroad. The specialization that translates into years of experience (in our case more than 45) working with schools in other countries. For example, in the case of Ireland, we have top-level partners who have offices in Longford and other Irish towns. This allows us to offer:

  • Host families that open the doors of their home to international students, as if they were a member of the house.
  • Personal attention to students and their families from the first minute.
  • Detailed selection of educational centers, based on the student’s profile and requirements.

Public, private or boarding school

Once the destination is decided, Ireland, the other big decision is to choose between different types of education. In Ireland you can choose between:

  1. Attendance at a public school and accommodation with a host family. These schools are located throughout the country, in a network very similar to the Spanish.
  2. Attendance at private school and accommodation with a host family. It is the most appropriate option for participants who want to take certain subjects and activities. Also, in this case, you can select a specific area of ​​Ireland.
  3. Assistance to private school and accommodation in boarding school ( boarding school ). This option brings together all aspects of the program (academic, personal and social) in a single campus, a boarding school. Normally students attend class on the same campus where they live.

When choosing the most suitable option, it will help you to know that education in Ireland has many similarities concerning Spain, so many of the criteria you use when choosing between one center or another will serve you for both countries

Determined country and type of education, here are the steps to consider during the registration process:

1. First step: informative meeting

Every enrollment process in a school year program in Ireland begins with an informational meeting, which both the parents and the participant must attend. In this meeting, an educational adviser informs in depth about the characteristics of the different options in the destination. And it is that these programs have some features and standards that must be known and accepted. It should be noted that the presence of the participant in this meeting is very important. Only then can the educational counselor know if he or she has the right profile for the program.

The meeting is usually a relaxed conversation, where in addition to being informed, parents raise various questions and doubts. It is also a good time to provide more documentation and graphic material, in photo or video.

2. Second step: pre-registration

Once the decision is made for our child to study a school year in Ireland, the next step will be to complete pre-enrollment in the program. For this preliminary request, keep in mind that you must provide a series of documentation:

  • Carnet size photograph of the participant
  • Photocopy of the grades of the last 2 courses
  • Initial income
  • etc.

3. Third step: registration

Once the pre-registration is approved, the process is completed in a final phase for which the candidate must provide:

  • Letter of presentation in English. It is an essay in which you must show your interest in living an international experience, and step by step in a detailed manner, talking about their tastes and hobbies.
  • Medical certificate and vaccination card. The entire medical record of the student must be included.
  • etc.

4. Preparations and departure

Before departure, the participant receives a school calendar that must be taken into account when booking flights, either on their own or, in our case, through our travel agency. The transfers of the beginning and end of the course in Ireland are included in the price of the program and are coordinated by our team and our collaborators in Ireland.