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4 reasons to send your son or daughter abroad

Every day parents are saying goodbye to their children at the boarding gates of the whole world and wondering how they will manage without them in the following months. You never thought that it was going to happen to you, but now your son has asked you to study abroad and the only thing you want is to tuck him up and keep him safe and safe at home. As parents, it is natural that you worry about the big changes and the big steps. It may seem that, as they grow, a kind of distance arises, but remember that this «distance» is actually «independence»; It is normal and a necessary part of the growth process. Although it is not an easy transition, the most important gift you can give is to support it as you make your way in the world and begin your studies.

1. It’s a time well spent before college

The period between completing high school and college can be a drag. Although a summer job or spending time with friends can fill the calendar, there are other ways to take advantage of those long months. Instead of just looking at your young adult with nostalgia, wondering how he might have finished high school, offer him the best start to a future international career by giving him guidance to study English (or another language) abroad. The time spent studying abroad is an intelligent investment since English skills are very popular in many fields today (or almost all). In addition to being a preparation for your future, your son or daughter will also meet while studying abroad in a variety of learning situations: from managing everyday life in a new city and with a new language to meeting people from all over the world. It will be a valuable experience on its own and will also be useful in the transition to university life and the pressures associated with it. Your son or daughter will have more confidence and independence and will know how to work to achieve specific goals, meet deadlines and be responsible for their academic success.

2. Encourages independence and the ability to solve problems

While you were under your protection, you lovingly looked after your child’s needs, healthy eating, clean clothes, etc. Now, you face the idea of ​​having your little one abroad and feel the temptation to continue taking care of him all his life. Although you must remember that your son is already a young adult ready to start his way. During your stay abroad you are likely to face some difficulties, but do not worry: they are opportunities for you to develop skills that are very important in life, such as the ability to solve problems and the ability to think and act. independent way.

3. It is one of the keys to professional success

English is still the global language of business and the ability to use it effectively will help your son or daughter prepare for their future professional career, whatever their specialty. In addition to the benefits of bilingualism (in itself numerous, such as increased empathy and health and brain agility), speaking English with a high level opens professional doors around the world. When you study English abroad your child will also meet professionals and students with similar interests, and who knows how useful these contacts can be in the future. From potential work colleagues to lifelong friendships, the benefits of developing a network of contacts during the study period are endless.

4. It’s not as difficult as you imagine (say goodbye for a while)

Surely you are uneasy, but there are a few things you can do to feel closer to your son or daughter when he is abroad. Make him not feel far from home by sending him boxes so he can eat his favorite food while he studies. Or create a family group in some instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. In this way, they can chat and share images and videos in real time, so they do not feel so far away. Another good option is to periodically recharge your Skype balance so that you can call without problems. Regardless of how you decide to be in touch with your son or daughter while studying abroad, rest assured that this experience will be a smart investment in your future.